Racial and ethnic disparities continue to impact prematurity across the nation. The National Perinatal Information Center provides stratified race and ethnicity reporting for our member hospitals for both maternal and newborn outcomes.
During Neonatal Nurses Week, not only should we be focused on the outstanding work of our neonatal nursing colleagues, but how can we promote collaborative teamwork that undergirds outstanding neonatal care? How can we best support our nursing teams in caring for the smallest and most fragile of patients?
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services launched the Commitment to Health Equity Core Measure. This Core Measure has five domains and should be on every hospital’s radar. We are going to use Breastmilk Feeding as an example of how these domains can work together to support hospital and community partnership and engagement.
Every quarter, NPIC provides member hospitals with a plethora of data. Data that can be tremendously helpful in creating and sustaining quality improvement action plans to support optimal outcomes in maternal and newborn inpatient care.
Respectful Care continues to be a priority for maternal and neonatal outcomes, particularly with the continued disparities described throughout the literature, including significant outcome disparities found within Black and Brown women and birthing persons, particularly maternal care and NICU care.