Preventable maternal morbidity and mortality requires an organizational commitment that is patient-centric.
Synova Associates, (2023). Chronic Stress in Perinatal and Neonatal Nurse Leaders: Supporting Nurse Leaders of Today and the Future [White Paper].
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This week is National Patient Safety Awareness Week. Across the United States, hospitals, healthcare organizations, and patient advocacy groups have one singular focus: identifying, elevating, addressing, and normalizing patient safety in conversations across the care continuum.
Early on in my journey of becoming an advocate for C-diff awareness a quote that has stuck with me. "We are all patients or will be one day."
Sepsis Survivors Week is in two weeks. Let’s create an environment where sepsis is caught before the downstream impact can occur.
Behaviors and actions that would normally be condemned have become normalized and excused. Behaviors that create a ripe environment for errors and patient harm are not addressed. This is normalization of deviance.
There are a few terms that are used throughout healthcare quality improvement: Cognitive bias, confirmation bias, and normalization of deviance (NoD). What is normalization of deviance and what impact does it have on maternal health outcomes?